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I rented a house through Proptension. The experience from take over to hand over has been very smooth and transparent. Ramesh is always available for any issues and handles everything very efficiently. When I was looking for a flat, Kiran from the Proptension team took note of my requirements, and showed one flat exactly as per those, and we finalised the flat in the next ten minutes. Thoroughly impressed by their portfolio which has all sorts of flats with any kind of requirements. The entire process right from paying rents to deposit settlements is completely online and rent receipts are generated instantly. The best part is the entire process is online, paperwork is solid, and everything happens seamlessly. For a tenant, the complete experience is hassle free and convenient. Ashutosh Sharma
I came to know about Propertension through DLF group. with my four month contact with them , without hesitation I can say that Propertention very professional company, Ramesh always available, he very prompt , As Iam NRI without coming down even once to India with his help all the paperwork work rent agreements done successfully and continues I am very happy it's his work. I already recommended PROPERTENTION to number of friends and continues to do so SURYA AITHAL NWA7095 DLF WESTEND HEIGHTS BANGALORE Surya Aithal
It was an amazing experience dealing with Ramesh. I had reached out to Mr. Ramesh 8 months ago to manage my property. I have liked his product portfolio and professionalism, however, I have suggested him to wait until the interior work in my apartment gets completed. However, my interior person delayed the work by 7 months and then, absconded with the money. Later, no other interior person was willing to pick up half of the work. At this juncture, Mr. Ramesh stepped in. He and his team assisted me in the completion of the work without any undue financial burden on me and original scope of work was retained. He ensured that the apartment was given on rent even when the interior work was in progress. He managed everything while I being outside India. He and his team had excellent communication and ensured that updates regarding the work in apartment and discussion with tenants are available to me on regular basis. Because of time difference, I had been calling him at some of the odd times but he ensured that all issues and concerns are attended at the earliest. I am very much happy with assigning him as property manager for my apartment in Bangalore and recommend him to others. Nikhel Jaina
Proptension property management company genuinely is a ethical and honest company. They make very very good care of the customer and manage the property very well. They have done lot of furnishings in my property without me present, then hired a tenant and crediting the rent every month. Lastly they are very prompt in giving any clarification or feedback. So overall it is a very good property management company and have recommended two of my friends also. Ritambar Chakraborty (Working with lufthansa - Germany - Owner of GR Lavender)
I have hired proptension for my property management. Here is what they did: 1. They did the painting for my house off-course they charged me but it was quite reasonable. 2. They found the Tenant. 3. They did the rectification work as per the tenant requirement 4. They cleaned up my water tank. 5. They did my plumbing work. 6. They did my electrical work. I just paid them for all the these work. Amount was reasonable. I was dealing with Menaka Ramesh... she is quite responsive. I have never faced any issue till now. kumud kumar(IT- Consultant CISCO-USA)
Completely satisfied with their property management service. They keep up their promises. Always quick to respond. Trustworthy people and very friendly to work with. Found the tenants in a relatively reasonable period of time and enabled a smoother transition when my previous tenant vacated. Overall a very satisfied customer. Kudos to the entire team for maintaining expected level of standards. I would highly recommend proptension for owners looking out to manage their property in a hassle-free manner. Amit(IT- Consultant-Here USA- owner of Janavi Medows)
I am an NRI and using their services for close to 2yrs. Not once have I faced an issue with them till date. Ethical and transparent in their dealings with me till date and getting the rent on time Parmanand Nayak (Retired person - Owner of Raja Sannidhi)
The team is great. My association with them is for more than two years. They are doing quite a good service and quite transparent. In nutshell responsive, responsible, trustworthy and prompt in sharing the rent. So far quite a good experience. Farooque(IT- Consultant IBM- Europe Owner daadys olive)
I came to know of PropTension through a friend who also(like me) is living far away from the Property. He WhatsApp-d PT(PropTension) and PT responded immediately. I arranged them to get the house key and since then, they have been taking care of the property and I am sure they are working hard to find a suitable Tenant. I even got the Wood Work done remotely with them and the experience was quite satisfactory in terms of quality and taking care of my requirements etc. I hope they would continue to take care of the property as their own and take utmost care in maintaing it for years to come. Given my personal interaction with them, I have no doubt and I have already recommended their service to my other friend(s). They are professional when it comes to delivering the commitment; productive to deliver the useful and they do it understanding the personal, tailor-made requirements. Kind regards. Prateek(Working with Panasonic - Germany Owner of Gr Sun Villa)
These guys are real professionals period . I was extremely impressed with their dealing right from the start. My property was vacant for about 2 years and it took them less than 10 days to get some one in . Once they had the keys of the flat , they were on top of everything , all the heavy lifting, got things corrected/sorted and worked round the clock to make sure that things get rolling . I dont think there is any other agency in Bangalore which has such wide spread coverage and network . They delivered what they promised with no excuses . Very happy with their service Vamsi Rao(SFDC)
"Most important aspect of life is to get a good house and trying to find a house in Bangalore, it is the most difficult task to do.I had been searching for houses from many days but was not able to find one which pleased me.Finally i met Prashanth from Proptension who showed me a house and at the very moment i gave the token amount to book the house as that was what i exactly wanted. After that also it didnt end Meneka and Ramesh who helped me in all the things i needed and superb coordination in arranging anything you want for the house,Give your tension to Proptension and see how it goes in minutes. Thanks once again proptension team Jithin Eapen(IT Consultant)
Happy to rent out my property with PropTension team, the property was vacant for almost a year and given that there was no one to manage the property by ourselves, PropTension team pitched in and took over everything from getting the flat ready to move in and identifying the prospective tenants and letting it out on their own without my much involvement. IT was really nice to be working with them to let my property now and in future. Banu Channakeshava(Development Lead -UK)
Such a wonderful service by Proptension, I am living in bangalore from past 7 years and changed 3 houses in the past but the best i had with PropTension for rented house service. They are very loyal & honest about giving property details and quoting the rent and i find it is very reasonable prize. Also they maintain the property like a class 1 builders and available on call/in-person whenever we need a support or fixing work in house for any reason. Overall very nice Team! Jeeva Ganesan(Wipro Technologies, Senior Test Engineer)
Good service and good understanding of the customer requirements, could waiver of the 25 days rent as commission/Brokrage and keep only the penalty clause of lock-in period. Mathiah Mathew(Sr.Manager -Samsung.)
Came from Maharashtra and came in contact with - As per my requirements they ensured I get a rented flat with in 15 days. 15 days was my hotel stay and in this period my expectations were met.. Amazing service and trustworthy team to meet my requirement.....will always recommend Proptension....Thank you Menaka and Team for a wonderful service... Francis Daniel(Sr.Manager WNS)
Interesting fact: --------------------- Prior to handing over my another flat to proptension, I had an unruly, arrogant tenant who stopped paying rent, utility bills, maintenance since last 6 months and switched off his phone for the reason best known to him, became completely untraceable. I could do nothing from another country but getting annoyed. When I bothered him for rent again(via email), surprisingly one day the tenant threatened me via email, of taking various legal actions against me which could cost me more than the rent due from him. This sounds funny, but true. When I discussed this matter with Mrs Menaka, they assured me to talk to the chap, and see what could be done. After tracing him for few weeks, Mrs Menaka and his team met him finally and the count down started. Then they handed him over a puzzle to solve which was technically and legally more challenging than he could ever dreamt of. All his crooked cleverness dried out and he had to hide in shame, later submitted to the cops that he would vacate in 3 days. But the degree of shamefulness, fear and false pride overtook the time-line and he had to pack his bags and run away in 2 days. Sounds like a story, but real. Hence I dont know how to express my gratitude to the team for their courage, honesty and technicality of handling of this issue. My thanks to the team also will be an understatement. We have to accept that, evil exists in this world, but to instil fear and shame inside the wrongdoer one needs technical skills as well as courage, then there will be less evil, more good(classic example above). No running away from evil! Regards, Nirmal Nirmal Chandra(Development Lead -UK Home office Border & Immigration -Owner of Raja Sannidhi B 104)
I am happy with the service proptension has provided throughout our stay. I would not hesitate to recommend the professional service offered by you guys to anyone. Mobile (9742**53*2) Jappanpreet Singh(Working as Design Engineer in LSI Research and Development)
I was very impressed with the personalized service provided by the Proptension team in renting out my DLF property. Highly professional at work and personal at service. Mobile # (8971***45*7) Sanjiv Roy(Project Lead-infosys India (Owner of DLF)
Great and hassle free service from proptension Team. I do not have to worry or follow up for anything from monthly rent to maintenance. Keep it up Team Proptension ! Mobile # (+968**371**8) Vijeth Shetty(Modern Trade Manager -Pepsi Oman-Owner of vandana earls court)
My house was vacant for almost an year, since I had to leave the country for good. I was in a dilemma whether to let the flat on rent or leave it as it is, as there are a lot of issues with tenants not maintaining the flats properly whenever the owner is away from the town. After a lot of research, I was fortunate enough to find Proptension’s number from the net. Proptension had various offers for property management services. Right from the negotiations till the tenant occupied my flat, Proptension has been very transparent with their dealings and have been very straightforward in their approach. Now, I am at peace as Proptension is managing my property and any kind of issues related to the flat is taken care by Proptension. I recommend Proptension, since I have had personal experience dealing with them which has been good so far. I would like to personally thank Mrs. Menaka for his sincere efforts in getting me the tenant and making me feel at ease, even though I am thousands of miles away. Mobile # (+968953**3*8) Zeeshan Farooqui(Operations Engineer - Kuwait National Petroleum Company-Owner of Prabhavathi Greens)
I used the services of PropTension for my 3bhk apt in Bangalore and found them very professional. As an NRI, my biggest challenge was to find a right Tenant without being personally present to take care of the formalities. I am thankful to Proptension for managing it smoothly, efficiently and in timely manner. Thank you for relieving me of tension. Mobile # (+1678**01**2) Rakesh Roshan(Owner DLF Bangalore)
Being new to Bangalore, I was assisted by proptension for finding a suitable place on rent in electronic city. I was shown many flats and most of them were good. after finalising one of the 3bhk in Ganga Vertica and giving the token of 3000/- I was relieved that finally the house hunt has ended. but next day morning 8.30am i got the call from Menaka (proprietor for protension ) that the owner of the flat which i had given the token for has backed out from the deal and that when the tension started as i had to vacate the hotel in a day time. Menaka handled the situation well and sent Her Manager Prashath to the field after assuring me that by 5pm same day i will have a roof. And yes by 2pm I got the pic of the flat in Ajmera avenue and i must say this flat was 10 times better than Ganga vertica by 6pm we had closed the deal and i shifted next day. Mobile # (+91-9911**70*1) Vivek Malhotra(Project Head - continental automotive Ajmera avenue Tenant)