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The concept of Group buying is to empower the individual Home Buyers. Group buying helps by sorting individuals into like-minded groups in terms of preferences in locality, price, living standards, facilities etc.

As individual home buyers cannot negotiate for reasonable prices or good discounts in a market dominated by Real Estate developers and may often have poor understanding of the real estate buying process.

By coming together and forming a group of people having identical requirements for home, Proptension can not only negotiate a great discount on your purchase using the “Group Buying Power”, but also provide you with a smoother , faster and simple process to buy your “New Home “

And yes, Proptension provides you all the power along with huge discount and return on your investment at absolutely no cost, no money to loose, no extra fee and no more hassle and an end to end personalized support on the most important purchase of your life.

Proptension also maintains a perfect communication channel within you and the developer for providing you regular updation about the project and resolving any of your queries

How can I use this “Awesome Group Buying”?

Anyone can use “Group Buying “by simplistic process designed by Proptension and be free from any hassles and enjoy “Realistic Discounts”.
Process –

  1. Choose a type of property in a Project or an area where you want to purchase your “new Home”. (No worries if you don’t find one according to your requirement – You can enter up your specifications too , and we will look it up for you)
  2. Apply for “Join Buyers Group” for the specific project.
  3. Proptension will club all the requests according to their individual needs and confirm your request by taking a nominal fee ( Rs 10,000/- ) which will be either adjusted if you buy a flat within 3 months or returned back to you if you are unable to decide on your dream home.
  4. Proptension will then approach the developer/ builder and open negotiated armed by your group strength vested into us, and will provide a sweet and great deal to all the members of the group.
  5. Proptension will take care of all the financial and legal issues (documents, loans from banks) involved along with your purchase and make this a faster, smoother process.
  6. Helping you in getting your”Dream Home“ at a great and sweet discount, makes us happier and proud of our efforts.

Benefits To Members Of the "Happy Group"

  1. The “Simple and Wrangle Free “Process.
  2. Getting “Real Discounts” and enjoying the power of a group being an individual.
  3. End to end personalized customer support in all the financial and legal matters (regarding any documents or loans etc) and making sure everything is easy for you.
  4. Community defined and selected (like-minded people) before buying – which maximizes easy living and generates and develops a happier Community living.
  5. Best Return on Investment on your purchase (if you are an Investor).